2024 Membership Fees


InformOntario and InformCanada is currently transitioning into a new pan-Canadian organization.

This is the membership information for 2024.

 As of January 1 2024 InformOntario and InformCanada are merging as a single national organization. As such, current members of InformOntario and InformCanada will only need just a single membership to access the Canadian benefits, as well as the resources through InformUSA (formerly AIRS).

A single membership was a primary objective of this merger – simplified access to consolidated benefits and resources for all interested members across Canada.

 Now, under a single rate, members can access:

·        Gold membership with InformUSA

·        Access to the Canadian (French and English) 211 Human Services Indexing System (formally 211 LA Taxonomy)

·        Access to the InformUSA I&R Training Manual (Canadian edition)

·        Access to the Standards for Professional Information and Referral (Canadian edition)

·        Access to the InformUSA Learn LMS system

·        Access to the InformUSA Networker

·        Access to recorded workshops (Canada) and networking with colleagues

·        Reduced rates to the InformUSA and Canadian conferences

·        Reduced rates to the InformUSA Canadian Certification system


For 2024, membership in the merged National Organization will be as follows:

·        Nonprofit | Annual Operating budget more than $75,000 - $700.00

·        Nonprofit | Annual Operating budget less than $75,000 - $450.00

·        For Profit - $1700.00

·        Individual (member service only available; Training Manual and Taxonomy not included) - $175.00


Registration is now open for 2024. Current InformOntario members need to renew their membership through the link below.  Applications will be processed and are payable to InformCanada until such time that the new national organization is named.

For a membership application, click here: 2024 InformCanada Membership Form 

 You may pay your membership online using Visa, MasterCard, Amex or cheque. Applications will be processed and can be payable to InformCanada until such time that the new national organization is named. 

If you require more information about membership, please contact Mélanie Pilon by email at info@informcanada.ca.

 Thank you for your patience as we continue to legally complete the merger. More communication is forthcoming in 2024 as we seek to build a new national board of directors, co-brand certification badges with InformUSA, seek member support for our 2024 I&R Conference, and build education and awareness initiatives to support the Canadian I&R sector and the amazing folks who do the work.


Marcus Logan – President InformOntario (until Dec 31, 2023)

Robyn Romano – President InformCanada (until Dec 31, 2023)