Proposed Amalgamation

InformOntario and InformCanada Announcement to our members - May 17, 2022:

 After thoughtful and careful consideration, together, the two Boards of InformOntario and InformCanada have resolved to amalgamate the two organizations into a new national, Canadian entity supporting and serving best practices for the Information and Referral sector in Canada.  This amalgamation will begin following the InformCanada AGM and after consultation with current membership a new name and membership package will be unveiled.  For further information, please see the Q&A available on each organization’s website or direct any questions to: Marcus Logan, President, InformOntario and/or President at InformCanada


InformOntario InformCanada Merger Q&A

Q: Why are InformOntario (IO) and InformCanada (IC) merging?

Both organizations determined that there are benefits for members, greater financial sustainability and opportunity to leverage each organization’s strength in an amalgamation.  Further, the organizations believe there is greater opportunity to enhance and grow the I & R sector in Canada together as one merged organization.

Q: What was the process for reaching a decision to amalgamate?

Discussions between the organizations began in 2018.  Both boards were surveyed in 2019, followed by facilitated discussions to consider options with both boards 2020-2021.  A working group of members between both organizations was struck in 2022.  A pros/cons and risk analysis was undertaken and legal advice was sought.  Ultimately, the amalgamation option, with a single membership, enhanced membership options and expanded impact was recommended by the committee to both boards and a motion for this merger was made and passed by each board.

Q: What is the timeline of this merger and the creation of a new, Canadian I and R body?

The Boards of IO and IC have engaged legal expertise to support the amalgamation process. It is expected that this process will take 6-12 months.

Q: What is the name of this new organization?

Consultation with our shared membership will result in naming, based on recommendations from the amalgamation committee. The support of a consultant may be required.

Q: How does this impact my organization’s current IO or IC membership?

All current IO and IC memberships for the 2022 year will be grandfathered over to the new organization and next year, a new, enhanced membership will be made available to all existing members as well as new members from across Canada.

Q: What does an enhanced membership mean?  How will my organization benefit?

IO and IC see opportunity to increase professional development opportunities - both virtually and in person, consolidate resources and knowledge-sharing among members and strengthen our role as the go-to entity in Canada for best practices in I and R.  The amalgamation committee will also be issuing a survey to existing members to consult on what members want out of this new entity.  This survey will be released in the coming weeks.

Q: How does this amalgamation impact my organization’s accreditation?

It does not.  IO and IC have consulted and received support from AIRS for this amalgamation and the new entity and AIRS will have all the same roles and responsibilities in the Canadian certification and accreditation processes.

Q: How does this amalgamation impact my certification?

It does not.  IO and IC have consulted and received support from AIRS for this amalgamation and the new entity and AIRS will have all the same roles and responsibilities in the Canadian certification and accreditation process.

Q: How does this impact our relationship with AIRS and/or access to their resources?

It does not.  AIRS has been consulted and supports the amalgamation and the new Canadian entity, and its members will have AIRS membership and access to all the same resources and benefits as IO and IC currently have, including ongoing representation on the AIRS board.  

Q: What if my organization does not want to continue its membership?

After 2022, or whenever your current membership expires, your organization simply would not renew. However, in the case your organization does not renew, you would no longer have access to the taxonomy.

 Member Q&A Session

Please join members of the Board of Directors for IO and IC on ZOOM for further conversation and member feedback.

Friday May 20, 2022

3:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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