Roles in Data Partnerships

One Community Information record has many uses - in local, regional, and provincial partnerships.

InformOntario and its members work in collaborate with each other….and third party partners….to ensure that the community has access to up-to-date and accurate community services.

One of the foundations of this work is the mantra of “one record, many uses”.  Like a single pebble creating many ripples in a pond, a single listing can be found in many resources.

Our members work constantly to eliminate duplication among regions (ie only 1 Green Shield record for all), and to ensure that each listing meets a wide array of information and indexing needs.

Each InformOntario member creates, maintains and provides access to an average of 2,000 community resource records. These listings cover the broad range of government, health, social and community services. When aggregated into one package, there are more than 60,000 listings….an amazing set resources that can be re-sorted to serve any population or need.

Provincial Partnerships

InformOntario members play a vital role as data partners in many provincial information initiatives. Their records on local and regional community services are essential components for these province-wide online resources. For more information regarding provincial data partnerships, contact Kathy Kelly at Findhelp Information Services.

Local and Regional Resources

InformOntario members are also data partners in many local and regional online databases. Some resources are created and maintained by the IO members; others are developed in partnership with local groups.

- recreation and leisure
- seniors services
- volunteer services
- child care services
- special population services